Ijoy Tornado 150 RTA - A high wattage vaping tank choice

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    Sep 21, 2015
    Introduce you the lastest high wattage vaping tank—the Ijoy Tornado 150 RTA tank, which is one of the most affordable tanks, utilizing a new Tornado 0.3ohm coil capable of running up to 150W, unparalleled for a full chamber coil design.
    The Ijoy Tornado 150 improves upon the top fill system by efficiently using a wide bore Delrin chuff Top Cap. RTA coil included, enjoy building your own coils. The IJOY TORNADO 150 pre-made coil itself replaces the chimney, greatly increasing effective airflow while outputting fantastic flavor and vapor production.
    If you happen to looking for a tank features high wattage vaping and good flavor, Tornado 150 is the one you shall try.

    Super affordable price range
    25mm diameter
    0.3 ohm(80-150W) pre-installed
    high wattage sub-ohm tank
    fantastic flavor and vapor production
    wide bore Delrin chuff Cap
    Coil and Chimney 2 in 1
    RTA coil included

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