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    http://www.okcvapes.com/igo-l-rba/ http://altsmoke.com/feature/igo-l-rebuildable-atomizer.html http://www.discountvapers.com/igo-l-rebuildable-stainless-steel-dripping-atomizer/ http://www.myvaporstore.com/IGO_L_Rebuildable_Atomizer_p/yd-igol.htm Bought these from OKCVapes at Vapebash in April, and it has slowly become one of my favorite RBAs ( rebuildable atomizer ) often called an RDA ( rebuildable dripping atomizer ) nice big platform or "deck" for building a coil. Simple philips head screwdriver screws, really you just wrap and attach. The stock airflow hole works fine, but I found It was a little small for my tastes. Mr Slumberland from Slumberland industries was kind enough to exchange me some much wider drilled out top caps, including a few with 2 holes designed for dual coil setups, which are actually quite easy to build as well. http://www.slumberlandindustries.com/ Weather you are building Sub-Ohm coils, or low res "Micro coils" the Igo-l Can handle most anything you throw at it. Be careful of the ever loosening o-rings though. Frequent removing and replacing of the top cap will loosen the o-rings faster. I make it a point not to remove the top cap unless I truly have to. Holding the body and removing the drip tip works just fine for dripping. There is also the smaller Igo-S , which I have not tried, but simply appears to be a smaller version of the igo-l http://www.okcvapes.com/igo-s-rba/ Just like everything else, When building coils, practice makes perfect. Keep on vaping everyone and thanks for watching! http://www.grimmgreen.com http://instagram.com/grimmgreen

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