If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, and its not a duck!

Discussion in 'eCig Newbie' started by benderwiz, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. benderwiz

    benderwiz New Member Member

    Oct 12, 2013
    Edmonton, Alberta
    Hey all! Ive been searching for days now looking for a canadian company that sells e-cigs that look and feel like a real cig. Im looking for something that has a good drag due to when I smoke I love the feeling of the smoke hitting the back of my throat!

    I dislike the bulky e-cig that I see most companies sell. Im fine if the battery does not last an entire week or a few days. I only need it to last a day before recharging. Also do the american companies like Blu and Green Smoke take the vapors that are sold in canada? Like if i buy Green smoke e-cig would I be able to use juice from EVOD or would I need a mod?
  2. johnsitka

    johnsitka New Member Member

    Oct 4, 2013
    PPC with dipping is probably what you are looking for. Cigarette like devices are woefully under powered. You talk of week or few days. Even the largest eGo battery is a one day device. I think PPC with dripping is the best you are going to get. You keep the power off the device to keep it small discrete and drip PG/Nic for big hit. I believe the best PPC is the kamrey at the moment. http://www.kamry.cc/2013-newest-fas...lectronic-cigarette-k500-e-cig-smart-pcc.html No need to deny yourself cigarette size, It just means you need an environment. EVODs are Ego devices. That is not a cigarette device. But everyone recommends Ego size for the exact reasons you state. Vapor/cigarette inhale. The eGo range is wicked powerful with the biggest range of options. But yeah they are not cigarette like. Unfortunately there is no substitute, if you like smoking it is eGo or higher. Current eGo batteries are up to 1300mha which is a full day. ego 1300 usb with EVOd and a kamry k500 in your pocket that should work. But don't bail on the size or complexity of the device, I immediately went from an 8 packs to 1. that is a huge difference. Go for the kamrey 500 it has rave reviews and is life stylish plus great flavor while dripping. But use an eGo set as your bread and butter.
  3. saintjames

    saintjames Member Member

    Oct 22, 2012
    I'd REALLY recommend going for an eGo style e-cig. Get one with variable voltage and you'll see why they're so popular. You can get a smaller sized one like the Vision Spinner 650 if you hate the big sizes. These fit very nicely in my pocket.

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