How to use ohmmeter and the ohmslawcalculator?

Discussion in 'eCig Newbie' started by fillgee, Sep 20, 2015.

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    Aug 21, 2015
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    I have a small ohmmeter, I screwed in the atomizer and got 0.66 as a result, what does that refer to, is that the resistance? Then on the other side, I tried to screw in my ipv3 Li but it was impossible 'cause the unit is too big. If I had been able to measure it, what would have been the result? Watts, volts, amps!

    Now, with the ohmslawcalculator, I would have had to put in the 2 results in the appropriate box, I would then wind up to 2 new results. How would I have used those 2 results in my ipv3 Li?

    I know for you these might be very silly questions, but when you are new to Sub Ohm Temp control, it might be confusing.

    Your help is needed, if you can answer, thanks. If you do answer, please, in simple terms.


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