How To: Getting Proper Performance from Kanger Gear

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  1. jacoby

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    Sep 1, 2013
    Saw this great post about getting the best performance out of Kanger gear and wanted to share...


    With the Protank 3 now out in the wild, I am noticing a resurgence of complaints about Kanger Protank performance. As a guy who uses Kanger gear heavily and is quite happy with it, I thought I would share some tips as I think most people's complaints are fixable with some knowledge.
    • Juice selection is crucial.
    This is true of any clearomizer/atomizer setup. You need to use juices that work well with your kit. In the case of Kanger products, don't use high VG juices. 50pg/50vg juice is great for these things. 70pg/30vg also performs well. Just don't use more than 50% vg in your stock Kanger products. If you do, you are likely going to get dry hits.

    As a side note, I've found rebuilt coils are able to handle a much broader spectrum of juices and simply perform much better in general, but rebuilding is out of scope for this post.
    • ...on removing the flavor wicks.
    Originally I too strongly advised against the method of removing the flavor wicks from the stock coils, but this does work very well for some folks. If you have a poor performing coil head, it is worth trying since it is an easy fix. The idea behind it is that you get increased juice flow which may be helpful if you have a thicker juice. And more juice is generally a good thing! The flip side of this fix is that you may end up getting too much juice to your coil and end up with flooding or leaks.

    Given that it's a free modification that can potentially improve your vape, it is worth trying. Should you end up with floods/leaks after removing the flavor wicks, then you know that it's not going to be a helpful change in your personal setup.
    • Easy on the voltage/wattage, partner.*
    Another common mistake is to run too much power through their stock Kanger coils. Straight up, these are low power assemblies. Too high v/w will mute your flavors, burn your juice, cause dry hits, or some combination of those. The correct wattage is, again, highly dependent on your juice but in my experience most 50/50 stuff works best between 8 and 10 watts. With the new dual coils in the Protank 3, you can go a little higher (I'm running 11 watts on that right now).

    It is not hard to find the right voltage/wattage but you have to be patient. Any time you are putting a different juice in there, start very low and slowly work your way up to optimal power. If you start high and cause burning, the burniness tends to linger and then it's difficult to zero in on the magic number. Remember what power you use for the juice. I have found Kanger products to be incredibly consistent, so when I figure out that I can run my 50/50 Key Lime Pie at 10w, I'm going to do that every single time I have that in my tank and it's going to hit the same.
    • Kanger tanks perform differently as the tank gets empty.
    With some juices I am able to toot the tank nearly dry, but more often you will experience gurgles and leaks if your tank gets too empty. Just the way it is, I'm afraid.
    Anyway, I'm not here to praise Kanger products as the best gear out there, but hopefully these tips will save people some grief when they use them.
  2. shane

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    May 8, 2013
    i found out the hard way that darker fluids tend to burn the wick out faster too, 8 to 10 watts equals how many volts?
  3. jacoby

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    Sep 1, 2013
    Should be around 4 volts if my calculations are right.

    And yes the Kanger coils have some issues with thick liquid BUT the solution is pretty simple. I usually just remove some of the flavour wick.

    Hope that helps :)
  4. New Member Member

    Jan 4, 2015
    Great advice. Post is a little dated now that Kangertech has a much greater selection of coils and product, in general. If you're looking for great prices on Kanger Tanks and other gear and you live in Canada, click here.

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