HeavenGifts: Vaptio S150 ATC Kit, Temp Control has never be so accurate before

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    Sep 21, 2015
    We never stop exploring temperature control tech applied on vape gears. The meaning of TC tech keeps evolving from the very beginning---preventing dry burnt issue to now---lifting vapor taste. Vaptio brand is one of the few pioneering in this filed. Now they are proudly announcing a whole new temperature control concept called Accurate Temperature Control which now is applied on its latest vape kit---Vaptio S150 ATC Kit


    It is a bold move to claim the temp control is accurate as some of our vape veterans knew that a TC mod detects the resistance of wire to get to know the temperature, but the actual temperature has slight difference from the detected ones for the temperature of the wire has slight difference from e-liquid’s, let alone vapor’s. Another issue for current temp control wire is, if the central pin squirms a little bit when you place it on a mod, it might affect the temp detection too.

    What Vaptio have done on the S150 mod is they optimized the central pin with a 3-pin structure. Apart from it, Vaptio place a sensor inside of the coil instead of detecting the resistance of the coil itself. The temperature control has never been delivered so accurate. In the meantime, Vaptio still reserve the traditional TC mode for stainless steel, Ti and Ni for you to

    For more info, please check here: Vaptio S150 ATC

    For such a fancy device, what do you waiting for? Now you can get it on Heaven Gifts with a premium price at US$59.8 after using our 8% off code “AHGEVAPE”.

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