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    Sep 21, 2015
    Heaven Gifts is now turning 8 years old! 8 years is a long time, specially in this young and vibrant industry. Electronic cigarettes were introduced to European and American markets in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Just one year later, Heaven Gifts was founded (well, we actually started on eBay in 2007, but that’s a long story). Since 2008 we witnessed the evolution of vaping very close to you, from your first cigalike to the latest TC mod, Heaven Gifts has been with you through it all.

    In the last 8 years, vaping became much more than a mere business. Vaping is a culture, a community we are proud to belong to. Vaping is a lifestyle. But more importantly vaping is the most effective way of helping you to stay away from tobacco smoking. We are glad we contributed to save millions of lives. There are things money cannot pay. A healthier life is one of them.

    During this time, Heaven Gifts has become the ‘bridge’ between vapers, distributors and leading manufactures. Our ‘Customers First’ mentality, fast shipping and wide variety of products helped us grow fast. This is possibly why thousands of clients worldwide currently trust us. But anything of this would be possible without YOU. Without your unswerving support, we couldn't come this far.

    To thank you all for being part of this growing family, we want to offer you the best deals for our 8th Anniversary celebration. Hope you all enjoy it. Let’s stick together for many coming years!


    Time line:
    16:00 PM July 18, 2016 - 15:59 PM August 18, 2016 (GMT+8)

    The Details:
    1.Retail Sales:
    -25% off for almost entire shop by using a code "AHG25".
    -Upgrade your account to next level by placing an order over $50. Retail clients only.
    -Offer a $11 gift card to each retailer who placed an order over $50! Retail clients only. (The card can be used after August 18th, 2016 only for any order above 40 US dollars)

    Attention: We will upgrade your account and send $11 Gift Cards to retailers who has meet the conditions each Monday during 8th Anniversary Celebration

    2.Flash Deals on Facebook! Many items for only $8.

    3.Wholesale Sales: 2% off discount (July 18th to July 25th); 1% off discount (July 26th to August 1st)

    No matter which country you are from, no matter you are at work or on vacation, no matter you are our customers or not. Remember, Heaven Gifts, is always the sweet home for "the gift from heaven”. The long road ahead, let's go hand in hand. Enjoy shopping carnival at Heaven Gifts 8th Anniversary.


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