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    Sep 21, 2015
    So, it is the time of year again, guys – holiday session. After a whole year’s hard work, we finally get close to the once-a-year Christmas! Now it’s the best time to kick off your Christmas gifs purchasing. If you happen to be buying gifts for vapers or smokers in your life, and come across HeavenGifts’ crazy Christmas sales (up to 60% off)….well, you find the right place and perfect way to satisfy them. Undoubtedly, no other than an exquisite vape gear will be a meaningful gift. But with so many vaping choices at our site, you may be wondering which one will be a best purchase? Never fear, here we will give you a full guide.

    1. For the beginner

    So firstly, if you are planning to surprise your loved ones who are just into vaping or help the stubborn smoker you know to quit smoking, then we would love to suggest you choose from our simple-to-use starter kits. These basic kits are quite suitable for those who have little or even no vaping experience, coming with no complicated operation and maintenance. We have a large selection of starter kits available for this purpose but we more particularly recommend the following:

    Joyetech egrip (ONLY US$18.36 NOW, original price is US$49.9)

    Eleaf ijust D16 Starter kit (ONLY US$13.54 NOW, original price is US$36.8)

    Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 starter kit (ONLY US$16.16 NOW, original price is US$43.9)

    Innokin iTaste 134 (ONLY US$25.72 NOW, original price is US$69.9)

    Eleaf istick basic kit (ONLY US$26.91 NOW, original price is US$32.5)

    2. For the intermediate

    If you are looking to impress a friend who has been vaping for quite a while and has good knowledge of vaping devices, you will need to make the extra effort to figure out his/her preference before you move forward to a purchase, for this group of people have already tried one or more e-cigs and might form their own vaping styles. Aiming at various demands from vapor production, flavor to the appearance of vape device, you can definitely have a clear direction for an awesome gift. Here are some recommended devices by us:

    Kangxin mini 50w (ONLY US$31.35 NOW, original price is US$56.8)

    EHpro SPD A5 (ONLY US$27.54 NOW,original price is US$49.9)

    Heatvape mini 50w (ONLY US$23.92 NOW, original price is US$65)

    Aspire Atlantis mega (ONLY US$20.24 NOW, original price is US$55)

    Eleaf Lemo (ONLY US$12.84 NOW, original price is US$34.9)

    Kanger subox mini (ONLY US$64.17 NOW, original price is US$77.5)

    3. For the advanced

    If you know someone who has been vaping for years and knows well about vape devices' functions, Ohms Law, and vaping safety, then some RTAs or RDAs, higher power devices will be highly recommended by us, for they will bring strong hit and huge vapor. Below vape devices are good choices of gifting the advanced vapers with:

    Sense Cyclone Sub-ohm Liquid Control Tank Kit (ONLY US$27.32 NOW, original price is US$33)

    150W Sigelei 18650 VV/VW MOD (ONLY US$44.16 NOW, original price is US$120)

    UD Bellus RTA Top-Fill Tank Atomizer(ONLY US$31.63 NOW, original price is US$38.2)

    WISMEC Reuleaux RX200 TC Express Kit (ONLY US$49.6 NOW, original price is US$59.9)

    4. For the Pro

    Well, finally we get to the highest level in vaping world. As pros, they fully understand the workings of all vapor devices and can even make constructive suggestions on vaping technologies. They love to make their own setups, trying different possibilities. They might have a large collection of vape gears from different stages. In this case, a latest launched unique device or a full-featured DIY tool kit would be an impressive Christmas present. Here are some amazing vape gears we consider the pros would like to add into their vape collections.

    Sense Herakels Plus Subohm Tank (ONLY US$25.67 NOW, original price is US$31)

    SMOK TFV4 Mini Tank Kit (ONLY US$32.7 NOW,original price is US$39.5)

    UD Master DIY Tools Accessory Kit (ONLY US$35.19 NOW, original price isUS$42.5)

    Hopefully this article will help you make a best “Christmas gifts for vapers” list. And once again, don't forget that our Christmas sales already started from this week, with a huge discount up to 60%, plus an extra 8% off coupon code “AHGEVAPE”, thus 68% off in total, so hurry up & grab this great chance to get awesome vaping Christmas gifts at best prices.
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