Heated discussions about vaping

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JoseFerrara, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. JoseFerrara

    JoseFerrara New Member Member

    Jan 22, 2015
    Hey everyone, I have recently gotten into some heated heated discussions on the health aspects of vaping. The issue for me is that those who do not smoke at all have an opinion. Even though most people will repeat that there are not enough tests, it is a no brainer that vaping is better for you. Anyone have this issue with their friends and family?

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  2. VapedDave

    VapedDave New Member Member

    Mar 5, 2015
    Last night at work after blowing the biggest cloud I ever have (someone wanted me to do it @ 50W on the iStick 50w), another guy said 'I read on facebook that someone died from these things" and another said "I read on the internet that they are 1000x more likely to give you cancer" and a girl said 'my son in law and my daughter can't have a kid because he uses these'

    To the first 2 I asked them to bring up the article and both magically couldn't find them, the 3rd person I told her that there has never really ever been anything proven that it causes men to be sterile, and that if it was true, it would be wide spread news.

    I then proceeded to tell them I haven't had a cigarette in 6 days now, already feel much better health wise (breathing wise) and that it'll only get better for me while all of you non vapers continue to kill yourselves faster.

    With all of that said, I'll keep vaping, I do plan to give it up to, and it will be hard since I enjoy it a lot. At the same time, I tell these people that although it may not be HEALTHY for us to vape, it more than likely (and is) a much better way to get the same thing in the end (our nicotine fix). What I also told them was that 2 weeks ago I was using a shitty battery + tank w/ 12mg nic and have gone to this and down to 6mg and using it less and less. Once I get all my stuff in the mail I will make 0mg and 3mg and stay on those.

    What's funnier, is someone said "How the hell could you spend $175 on all that crap". I asked them, since your a pack a day smoker smoking belmonts, how long would it take you to spend $175 on belmonts and then keep going way over that amount for them.... they didn't say anything and all I could say was 'exactly'

    Regardless of how much we try to explain it to people all they can ever say (including my mom) is that 'There hasn't been enough tests". When in reality, yes, there has and its been proven that it really is not as bad for you compared to a regular cigarette and that all these 'articles' they read are most likely tobacco companies paying people off to say these things. At least we all know it's true, whether or not people want to believe it is up to them.

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