Want to Sell HCigar Nemesis + Kayfun 3.1 + loads of extras (nano kit, PMMA kit and more)

Discussion in 'Member Buy & Sell' started by bdpf, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. bdpf

    bdpf New Member Member

    Dec 31, 2014
    These are the Nemesis + Kayfun 3.1 clones made by HCigar.

    For those not familiar, HCigar makes some of the best atomizers and mod clones available so these are as good as a clones get!

    This set is used but in very good condition and comes with loads of extras.
    Great entry level mechanical mod for beginner or experienced users alike

    What’s included:

    - HCigar Nemesis Stainless steel mod clone
    I’ve only used this mod in 18350 mode so the extra tubes have never been used.
    I upgraded the switch with magnets and the center post, positive block and screws to stainless steel.
    In very good condition, was never dropped so no dents. Just shows some light scuff from use and rubbing in the pocket.

    - HCigar Kayfun 3.1 atomizer clone
    This was originally the matte finish. I brushed it to match the Nemesis finish. Very good condition as well.

    - Extras

    - 1 spare Kayfun base. This is actually the base that I have been using. The base is fine but the refilling valve doesn’t work and I’ve plugged the refilling hole in the base. It doesn’t matter to me as I find refilling the Kayfun is easier when filling from the top cap anyway. The other base is fully functional.
    - Original chromed brass center post and switch spring
    - 1 Kayfun 3.1 / Nemesis hybrid adapter. This allows for direct connection between the Kayfun and Nemesis without the need to the top cap. It lowers the voltage drop and shortens the combo by about 12mm.
    - 1 PMMA kit (includes tank, chimney base + top, top cap and o-rings). The tank was originally frosted but I polished it to make it as clear as I could.
    - 1 Nano kit (includes rings, center window and short chimney top)
    - 1 short drip tip (looks nice on the Kayfun and is shorter than the original)
    - Kick clone (transforms your mechanical mod into a variable wattage mod adjustable from 5W to 12W)
    - Different wicks to experiment with
    o 2ft x 3mm silica
    o 2ft x 2.3mm silica
    o 2ft x 2.5mm bamboo
    o 2ft x 2mm 65% cotton/35% hemp blend
    o 5ft x 1mm hemp
    o 5 x organic cotton pads
    o 2ft x cellucotton (aka rayon)

    Price: $80

    Pickup available in the Markham / Stouffville area.

    I'm also willing to ship it. Shipping is $12.

    Thanks. Nem_KF_kit.jpg
  2. kinixecig

    kinixecig New Member Member

    Nov 7, 2014
    A fine stuff with extra battery back up , good looks and easily available with amazing flavors.

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