Want to Sell HCigar Ithaka atomizer+ mouthpiece drip tip adapter + loads of extras

Discussion in 'Member Buy & Sell' started by bdpf, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. bdpf

    bdpf New Member Member

    Dec 31, 2014
    This is the Ithaka clone made by HCigar. It's 23mm so will look nicer on wider mods.

    For those not familiar, HCigar makes some of the best atomizers and mod clones available so this piece is as good as a clone gets!

    This item has been gently used off an on for a couple of months and comes with loads of extras.

    Note: this atomizer is for advanced users only as it’s quite complicate to build and get right.
    To be honest, the reason I'm selling it is because it's too finicky for me to get right.
    While it is a really good vape when done right (great flavor, tight draw), I can't seem to get it right often LOL!
    I must have done 15 to 20 builds on it and only a handful I was happy with.

    What’s included:

    - HCigar Ithaka rebuildable atomizer clone
    - Ithaka mouthpiece / drip tip adapter (this allows you to use your own favorite drip tip with the Ithaka)
    - 1 x spare ceramic cup + 2 x spare o-rings
    - about 70 x 2.2ohms NR-R-NR ready wires
    - about 98ft x 30AWG pure nickel non-resistance wire + about 40 silver beads (this is used to make your own NR-R-NR wire with your desired resistance)
    - Different wicks to experiment with
    o 2ft x 3mm silica
    o 2ft x 2.3mm silica
    o 2ft x 2.5mm bamboo
    o 2ft x 2mm 65% cotton/35% hemp blend
    o 5ft x 1mm hemp
    o 5 x organic cotton pads
    o 2ft x cellucotton (aka rayon)

    Price: $60

    Pickup available in the Markham / Stouffville area.

    I'm also willing to ship it. Shipping is $12.


    IMG_9491.jpg IMG_9492.jpg IMG_9484.jpg IMG_9483.jpg
  2. kinixecig

    kinixecig New Member Member

    Nov 7, 2014
    Make a change with better stuff and looks, i once try it, feels very stunning and enjoying regular.

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