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    Oct 21, 2015
    We are professional E-cigarette battery manufacturer, Tesiyi high rate batteries ( 40A 2600mAh, 35A 2800mAh) are our main products. Tesiyi 40A 18650 battery is the only one high rate battery reach 40A in the world. As a new brand, we are not so widely known by vapers, so we decide to send free samples to test. After a long period of strict professional test, we would like these awesome products can be witnessed and approved by much more users. If you can meet any one of the following requirement do not hesitate to apply our free sample.

    1. Have the experience in youtube video and have more than 3000 followers;
    2. Administrator of famous forum ( like ECF , TVF ect. )
    3. Administrator of electronic cigarette groups in Facebook or Google plus
    4. Shop owner of vape shops
    5. Purchase staffs

    If you can meet any point of those please leave me message or send email to my

    Your Duties
    1.Test the batteries accurate date,
    2.Give us the feedback and your test result,
    3.Upload the date to youtube or other public medium you joined.

    You will receive our free samples after our information checking. For those who do excellent job can win our special reward, the details will work out later. This activity will continue to November 5th. The result and details will be updated in our official website:

    Here our TESIYI 40A T18650 battery VS Sony VTC5,Samsung 25R and LG HE4 Test report.

    Here our customer(FreekVaper) Youtube review.


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