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    May 16, 2014
    Thats the latest style of GG rebuilble atomizers that doesnt use NR wire, it has moving poles to adjust your coil, it has liquid and air control, adjustable center pin, ability to fit on GGTS and justGG with its native base (and not with 510 threads) and clear window to see the level of your juice. Also it has the ability to be short or long by adding sections to its body. Its the most advantaged and complete atomizer right now on the market as you can see by yourself.

    I will post 2 Ithaka's videos. The first is the one with ceramic and NR wire so you can fully understand all Ithaka's features and the second video is the new rebuildable part that doesnt need ceramic and NR wire. That way you will see how exactly the new rebuildable part fits on existing Ithaka.

    There are a lot of videos about Ithaka like the new mouthpiece that is telescopic to fit on multiple lengths of Ithaka, the spider drip that transforms Ithaka to a 100 drops dripper, and a lot of other updates. You will also notice that Ithaka is the most versatile atomizer ever made.

    The ceramic-NR wire setup is this:


    The new rebuildable part is this:


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