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Discussion in 'eCig Newbie' started by tref651, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. tref651

    tref651 New Member Member

    Dec 27, 2012
    Hi, I'm new!

    So umm ok what aboot me? First is first I guess, here are some of my vaping traits:
    • I've been vaping for almost a year.
    • My current favourite/primary e-liquid is "Canadian Rich" from
    • I'm very simplistic with vaping tools, I don't use mods. Just a good battery, voltage adjustment, a clearomizer that's reliable* and of course e-liquid to go and I'm all set.
      *applies to everything come to think of it.
    • Some shortcomings from certain sites have made me perhaps a little too cautious.
    I'll be honest, I realize I type too much to reach what point I'm trying to make. So this is kind of a precaution. But that's a me thing, so please bear with me and try not to fall asleep (until after reading). :eek:

    Here's my (somewhat of a) story:

    So my gradual conversion away from the poison sticks began when my Mom decided she wasn't able to quit smoking. I, too, was a smoker for only a few years and just didn't have the will it took to quit, not even the constant coughing that was aggravating me could help me resolve this terrible problem. I literally smoked stacks of this crap everyday, it was brutal.

    About two years ago, I mentioned there's a new thing called "the electronic cigarette." Not much really came of that, but the concept of it lingered... Anyways, let's fast forward a bit...

    Last January, I received something in the mail (a late Christmas gift) that was essentially an e-cigarette, called "Nu-Smoke" I believe. At the time, I thought it was very fascinating but there was one problem - it was a total piece of trash and I disposed of it. But I did think it was neat, and so did my Mom, so she decided to order from V2 cigs. However, I placed an order after she received hers, believing it was a scam after my previous experience and it was held at customs for many cigarette-using weeks.

    I did some more research and then found out about the "EGO-T," from CanadaVapes, I noticed it was based in Ontario so I knew the shipping would be convenient. I tried it out, along with the atomizer and found it was far, far better than the sample I used before. But I started noticing problems with the atomizer device over time and whether it was the tanks, or an overly used coil, I decided to check out more options. I found out about the "cartomizer" which is what V2cigs used, only better, since there were less parts to worry about losing, and I could see the amount of e-liquid remaining in the tube.

    So I decided to go for cartomizers. The first one I ordered was from Vancity Vapor, it really improved! The site's clone was called "the CE4 Clearomizer," which I believe is identical to the V2s on So I stuck with that for a while, feeling confident that I found "the one."

    However, the problems with the cleaning and moderation of these devices greatly confused and overwhelmed me. There were (and are) far too many different takes on these procedures; particularly dryburning. When I first heard of this, many people said that the coils with get burnt out much faster or "pop" as a result. Sure enough, I got confused and ended up killing off a few coils. I now know by personal experience--to which I bear nothing but self-deprecation over--that blowing into the coil while dryburning kills it.

    Currently I've done what I believe is to be my final order with CanadaVapes and I'll explain why in a moment, and although Vancity has sold me some good reliable products, my expectations went too far up when I heard about the "Tabac BCC." I'm not going to say it was a bad product, nor give the site any negative rep whatsoever as this was probably more based on personal experiences, but when those arrived and I tried them out - I thought someone was firing a glue gun down my throat (I'd appreciate if someone didn't relay a mental imagery of this scenario). So I didn't know what to think, except for how overcome with disappointment, hopelessness, and anger I was.

    So now about the CanadaVapes. CanadaVapes has a great selection of 30ml flavours, however the flavour isn't much if the clearomizer drop it into isn't too friendly with it... The VG/PG issue kinda goes out of my simplistic zone. Ok so I'll try to wrap this up now, and thank you if you've read this far by the way. :D

    Current situation:
    • Unsure about an "Official Absolutely 100% Guaranteed Method of Dryburning Clearomizers." Wishful thinking I know but uncertainty is a real brain-scrambler.
    • Like I said before, hoping to do business with eCigMods Canada. Clearos, liquids, stuff like that. You're welcome, Troy! :)
    • Hoping the liquids co-operate harmoniously with umm... well, I'm currently using the Vision Clearomizer V3 - 2.4ohm, but I'd love to try those Mini Vivi Nova clearos and maybe make them my primary vaping device.
    • Right now I'm using: EGO-C Twist and EGO-C VV batteries, V3 Clearos, Canadian Rich flavour, and 0.6% of my brain.
    • Unsure if what else to say at this point.
    So that's all for now. :cool:
  2. saintjames

    saintjames Member Member

    Oct 22, 2012
    Hi tref,

    For cleaning all I do it rinse with hot water a few times, then do a quick dry burn, maybe 5 times until I see a bit of smoke coming out. Don't blow in there while doing that or it may get too hot IMO. The idea is just to get the water out of the wick to allow juice to get in there instead. Or if you don't want to do that just refill it with juice and let it sit for 15 mins. Also don't use alcohol or anything other than water.

    Definitely give the Mini Vivi Nova a try, I LOVE it. Also love the standard Vivi as well for around the house as it holds so much more juice. I alternate between one of those and the V3s daily. Check out ecigmod for good deals on all this stuff.
  3. tref651

    tref651 New Member Member

    Dec 27, 2012
    Bummer and here I was thinking Isopropel (sp?) was going to be effective. I've done that a few times and although it got the job done, I--and countless others--noticed a slight drop in the flavour quality ever since doing it. That's normal, right?

    Also yes I really want to try the Mini Vivi Novas as well, since the regular ones worked very well and lasted a good amount of time for me. The big ones just looked ridiculous on my Ego battery, the smaller ones (with the sleeve cones) should look a lot better.
  4. TroyVapes

    TroyVapes Member Member

    Oct 27, 2012
    British Columbia
    +1 to using only water!

    Yep the Mini Vivi Nova w/sleeve cones look pretty darn slick on the Twist battery. I use the black Mini Vivi and it gets a lot of looks.
  5. MidnightVaper

    MidnightVaper Vendor Vendor

    Oct 29, 2012
    Welcome to the forums tref651. It's nice to see some new faces... er.. avatars around. Your story must be very similar to many of us who learned (and are still learning) thorough trial and error. It can be frustrating, but in the long run you will be better off for having your experiences both bad and good.


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