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Discussion in 'Juice Reviews' started by George Palmer, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. George Palmer

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    Jun 10, 2013
    I want to take a moment and talk about the E-juice called G&G Smith.
    G&G Smith is a brand local to Calgary AB. This currently “Unknown” brand has so much going for it I feel it won’t stay hidden for long! There are several factors that come into play. #1 this juice is the best juice I have ever tasted! #2 the business structure is completely sound and the company is very well run. They only have whats best for the consumer at heart and always try to better there product. I will explain below.

    I’ve been vaping for the better part of 2 years now. I started off with an old style E-cig and some juice someone brought in from the U.S. Flavor was not consistent, nicotine buzz was not the greatest, but hey I didn’t know any better! I then spent some time vaping Green Smoke. This was a game changer for me, flavor was much better, it was more consistent, but again the nicotine hit was lacking.

    I then came across a local brand called Juicy Clear. I used this in an Ego C for a while and it was much better then anything I had vaped before. Unfortunately after a short while the flavor of the juice would taper off, the consistency wasn’t always there, and I felt that I still was not getting the nicotine I craved.

    As luck would have it about a year ago I stumbled across G&G Smith. At the time this small company was just starting up and I purchased a batch of there “Initial” product. My first impression was OMG, this is heaven! The flavor was incredible, the drawback was very smooth while still delivering a solid throat hit. This juice also packed a punch with regards to the nicotine hit, I finally felt that I found everything I was longing for but couldn’t find from vaping all of these years.

    Even though I absolutely loved the juice, the company went back to the drawing board and came up with ways to make it better! They increased the VG / PG ratio, increased the longevity of the flavor, ensured the flavor was more consistent, and somehow make the nicotine hit even stronger *Faster*! When I got my hands on the new batch of juice I was in heaven. The flavor is so full and right on the money I swear it was better then smoking Sheesha *Flavored Egyptian Tobacco* The throat hit was excellent and the nicotine hit was tremendous! This went on for a few months, the company continued to develop new and distinct flavors which I bought up in the heart beat.

    Then I hear the company went back to the drawing board to “tweak” the formula again. Thinking there was no way they could better this product I was a little skeptical at first... However the result was surprising! What they did was make there higher NIC level juices smoother. Although I loved the 18 and 24mg, some people may have found it a little on the harsh side due to the high level of nicotine. *Heavy throat hit, less flavor* then say a 9mg. Well this company adjusted there formula and the results were epic!!! Now when you vape on 18 or 24 mg, it is as smooth as a competitors 9mg. You get all of the benefits of a smooth incredible tasting juice *That normally has a lesser nic content * While still getting your heavy Nic hit! The new and improved juice absolutely blows my mind.
    Endless flavors to choose from, incredible consistency, amazingly smooth, and fantastic nic hit!!!

    I’m now vaping a vamo mod with a carto tank. This set up with this juice is so fabulous and potent I’ve recently had to cut down to the 9mg juice from G&G Smith. 1 because I just can’t put this stuff down, so the higher Nic levels ended up being to much for my constant vaping. 2 because there formula is strong and quick to hit the system.

    In addition to the fabulous juice this company makes, the company itself is very solid. Throughout my journey with them, there were a few occasions where there juice supply was limited when they were changing formula’s and attempting to make the juice better. During this time if I wanted to place an order and one of the flavors I was after wasn’t in, the company gave me free samples, discounts on future purchases, and the odd time a free bottle for being a great customer! Most companies would have easily said *We will order this for you, it will take a few weeks* But the fact this company went out of there way to satisfy me anytime there was a slight delay I feel is fantastic.
    This company is a wonderful company to deal with, they are always taking feedback and trying to improve there already amazing formula, and only have whats best for the customer at heart.

    I highly recommend you place and order and try some of this juice if you have not already!

    Canada’s Best E-juice!
  2. Derrick.S

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    Jul 17, 2013
    Being a noob I can't make much comparison to other juices but the Parliament I got from them is awesome. And the woman at the stall was very helpful as well. I will go back and get more juice whenever life takes me up north.

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