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Discussion in 'Juice Reviews' started by George Palmer, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Jun 10, 2013
    It's been a while since I have posted on this forum! To be honest I have just been to busy enjoying all of the wonderful flavours G & G smith has to offer.

    Yesterday I stumbled across a new flavour which absolutely blew me away, I think you may all fall in love with this flavour so I absolutely had to zip to my computer and write up a review.

    The flavour is called Strawberry Banana! Yes, thats right… The flavour you all knew and love as kids in the form of sunday afternoon ice cream after a fulfilling day playing at the beach…. Friday night milk shakes after a wonderful first date…. The list goes on….

    This juice is fantastic. It's mellower then one would first expect, it has a hint of smooth sweet desert rather then a popping fruit flavour. Instead of having an overpowering Banana flavour, mixed with an overpowering Strawberry flavour, the two flavourers merged nicely with one another and your left with a smooth mouth watering taste. Similar to those white and yellow fancy candies (Strawberry Banana) Flavour that use to be the craze (I wish I remembered what they were called)

    I have to rate the flavour 10 / 10, G & G smith really hit the nail on the head with this one, they managed to capture the true essence of my child hood, the memories, the food, the laughter, yet once again!

    This is also a high VG content juice, so the vapour production is second to non. Not only is the vapour production enough to cholk an elephant, but the juice also follows G & G smiths newest formula. This formula allows vapors who require a higher nicotine content to still receive the smoothness of a lower nicotine content. When I say this I mean that a 24mg bottle of juice has the same smooth characteristics of a 9mg bottle, yet the nicotine hit is absolutely wonderful.

    I strongly encourage you to pick up a bottle of G & G's Strawberry Banana if you have not already, I promise you will be thanking me once you do!

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