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Discussion in 'Juice Reviews' started by George Palmer, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. George Palmer

    George Palmer New Member Member

    Jun 10, 2013
    I want to apologies for being so quite as of late. I was diligently studying for my CFA level 1 examination, which I wrote on June 1st! (For those of you that don’t know what the CFA charter is, just google it!)
    I also recently got a new puppy two weeks ago! She has also kept me busy!
    Now that I have some time I want to shed some light on G and G Smith. I’m hoping by now many of you have visited the website www.vapegg .com and purchased your own sample of G and G Smith! If you have yet to do so, DO IT! As I noted in my previous review about the product, you are seriously missing out...
    About two months ago I was blessed enough to purchase several different flavors. (All 9mg. The juice vapes so smooth, so thick, I had to cut back on the nicotine level. Both due to the fact that the flavor is so damn good I was vaping 5x as much, as well as the vapor itself just seems to deliver a quicker nicotine kick)
    I have to honestly say, the last two months of my life have been the most hectic in a while! 15 hour a day studying sessions / CFA.... Very little sleep due to my puppy / taking her out every 2 hours even during the night!.... The one true friend I had through all of this was G and G Smith! It’s like a warm fuzzy blanket. It will always be there for you, it will comfort you and care for you unconditionally, the flavors and scents will bring back even your deepest child hood memories of the summer / fall / favorite ice cream / favorite soft drink / favorite vacation. The relaxing nicotine rush will calm your senses with peace of mind knowing you are not intoxicating your body with deadly carcinogens that the old raw, uncivilized tobacco would.
    Being able to vape my favorite flavors whenever and wherever I wanted definitely helped me with my preparations for the CFA exam, as well as keeping stress levels down while looking after my puppy!
    Enough about the juice praise, I could go on and on for hours.... as you know I believe 100% in the quality, production, flavor of this branch, but lets cut to the chase and talk about the real reason I am writing this review.
    I want to talk about the flavors I have! These are the best flavors I have ever tasted out of any e-juice brand... Some of them brought back child hood memories, some of them had me so hooked I just couldn’t put it down, some of them just blew my mind..
    The 9 flavors I have been vaping the past few months have been as follows.

    Coffee & Cream
    Malboro Tobacco
    Green Tea
    Parliament Tobacco
    Strawberry & Cream

    These flavors have been absolutely incredible! Although they are artificially made, it boggles my mind how they somehow hold the true substance, aroma, flavor of the underlying fruit / drink. The taste is so pure, so full, so empowering your mind tricks itself into thinking you are eating / drinking the real thing!
    Cola was one of my absolutely favorites... I grew up as a kid eating lots of candy. My favorite, those small coca cola gumies, I absolutely loved them to death! The sugary taste of coke, the sweat taste of sugar, the semi sourish taste of the sodium. (Hard to explain if you have never tried them before) Well.... I took one vape of G and G smith Cola and OMG!! It tasted identical to the cola candies I loved as a kid! I’m thinking AWESOME! Blew my mind how G and G captured that old flavor which I loved so dear.
    Next is Green Tea! I am a big green tea drinker, I love to drink green tea whenever I want to chill out and relax, become zen, get in touch with the world. The smooth flavor, the aroma just has a way of relaxing me.
    Well the Green Tea vape offers that very same experience without the stimulating effects of caffeine! My favorite time to vape green Tea was in the evening after a wonderful dinner while I’m relaxing or reading a good book. Your first few vapes of this flavor and you will be instantly relaxed and zen like, it will boggle your mind!
    I could go on for hours and hours about the remaining flavors, but I imagine if you have even read my review up to this point you are by now getting a little eiger to head out and order your own G and G Smith and try for yourself! Or at the very least go about your day. I will cut things short by saying the remaining flavors are all brilliant. There is not a single dud in that list.
    Each flavor captures the essence, the aroma, the colors, the fragrances, the mouth watering taste of each of the fruits. I highly recommend any of the above flavors as a regular vape! Even if the flavor seems like a weekend or evening vape, you will love the flavor, the aroma, the smoothness so much you probably wont be able to put it down.
    I’m now excited to get my hands on a whole new batch of flavors. I fee like a kid on christmas morning! I will make sure to write a review after I try some new (Hopefully just as mind blowing flavors in the future)

    Until next time. G and G Smith!!!!!!!!
  2. johnsitka

    johnsitka New Member Member

    Oct 4, 2013
    Following your review I loved the site/products and was about to order. Interac only. Thus the transaction is not protected by a huge legal team of transactional credit providers. Miss step IMHO, which has nothing to do with the people behind this company, just saying the truth.
  3. George Palmer

    George Palmer New Member Member

    Jun 10, 2013
    Thanks for that tip! I've actually spoken with the owner of G & G smith and he is still in the process of building his site. He has a kiosk at Cross Iron Mills mall just outside of Calgary AB if you are ever up that way. I recommend checking him out! In the mean time I'll make sure he looks into other methods of transactions on his site ASAP. I really hope you get a chance to enjoy his rocking juice!
  4. trapper

    trapper New Member Member

    Jan 31, 2014
    heard a few good things about this juice so decided to give it a try.went to cross iron mall asked witch was his best sellers bought dragon fruit, hawaian punch and mountain dew. I was very disapointed vape was very low. will stick to my old juice from cool vape.

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