From Gemini Tank&RTA to know the Difference Between RDA,RBA and RTA

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    As ‪‎Vaporesso Gemini become popular, Many vapers are following the trends want to buy a Gemini, but Gemini have two version (Gemini RTA & Gemini Tank) Many vapors are confused about the difference between them and do not know which to buy. Now we will tell you the difference. After you read this post, you will know the difference between TANK, RTA and RD.

    Rebuildable atomizers allows vapers to build their own coils. It could provide better flavor and huge vapor production than replaceable coils tank( Such as Aspire Nautilus etc..) and it could save money.
    • RBA(Rbuildable atomizer).RBA is an umbrella term, that can cover both RDA and RTA atomizer.
    • RDA(Rbuildable Dripper atomizer).If you feel like huge clouds and are convenient to drip juice on wicks constanly, then RDA would be suitable for you. Do not put fully juiced dripper in pocket, that would leak out usually.
    • RTA(Rebuildable Tank Atomizer). It have a tank more to stock liquid than RDA, You do not always drip liquid constanly, but RTA vapor production always lesser than an RDA and not easier as RDA to change flavors


    RBAs are good if you want a great flavor and vapor production.Get both popular RDA(Geekvape Tsunami) and RTA (SMOK TFV4 Mini) have a try if you have got the cash. You will know they are a leap forward in ecig.

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