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    Jun 10, 2014
    Hey guys,

    eXtreme Flavours is new in town if you are around the Kanata area. We've been working on the ecig industry for many years, providing for small stores in the area. Scattered around, customers have loved our flavours, we wanted to give back on forums.

    We are all graduated from Chemical Engineering & Biochemistry from University, good 6+ years of hardcore chemical studies and much more. We are trained professionals on working with high concentrates of nicotine & Propylene glycol.

    Best about our flavours, we don't add random chemicals that aren't needed, like they do with others. Most commonly done in the states, getting a little more common around town.

    We only use Organic & All Natural ingredients. We also provide custom PG/VG levels, nicotine levels, etc. Best of all, our regular prices will beat anyone in town. For now we are offering free samples. Our prices range from 18-20 no tax, also offering bundle sales. Ex; 2 for 35.

    We are currently new on the interweb as we are generally town sold.

    Contact us on either our facebook page or email. Give us 24 hours to contact back, we do have to supply for a few stores.

    Thanks for reading!

    Best Regards,
    Mike Kindle - CEO

    @eXtremeFlavours (Twitter & Instagram)

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