eVic Firmware v1.1 Released [Joyetech]

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    Saw this was released recently. Here is the official link from Joyetech's site: http://www.joyetech.com/support/down_nr.php?id=40

    Unsure of this addresses any of the gripes mentioned by Pbusardo and others but here is the official list from Joyetech:

    New feature:

    1. Real VW adjustment
    We change the option ‘Power set’ name to ‘Vapor set’. And then add option ‘VV’, ‘VW’ into sub-option ‘Switch’of ‘Power set’. When you choose ‘VV’ or ‘VW’, you are able to adjust voltage or wattage directly in the main interface.

    2. Atomizer real time detection
    Real time automatically resistance detecting,to guarantee you have a real Watt output and a real display information whenever you change one atomizer.

    3. Wattage arrange modification
    Due to hardware and software limitations, eVic cannot reach 15W. So we modified the range to 2-11W. And the range will change depend on the resistance. e.g. , when you use 2.1Ω, the range will be 4.2W-11W.

    4. Fast voltage/wattage adjustment
    In the main interface, turn the direction key in one direction three times fast, then voltage or wattage will be increased or decreased fast automatically. Turn the direction key in opposite direction to stop.

    5. Warning temperature adjustment
    We add sub-option 'Current ℃' and 'Alarm ℃' into option 'Temp ℃'. In 'Alarm ℃', you can adjust the warning temperature and decide when the overheating mark flashes.

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