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    Oct 12, 2012

    I apologize, I said in the video that Hoosierecig carried both the Ego twist, AND the VV K-GO , evidently they do not. My apologies, I would recommend if you are looking for an EgoTwist battery Now then. Fairly evenly matched devices. I can see the button on the VVK-GO becoming a problem over time. I am fairly certain that you can get free replacement rubber do-dad-thingies to replace if it does actually tear and make the device un usable Ego Twist goes to 4.8v , while the VVK-GO goes up to 6v , and it's a SOLID 6v , my 3.5ohm atomizer was getting plenty of heat and power. Both batteries in this video were 650mah , the VVK-GO does not have a higher MAH version. The Ego twist however does have a 1000mah version. And the Vision Spinner has a 1300mah version as well. I cant find a clear winner in this battle. They are both good at what they do. With the VVVK-GO maybe gaining the edge with the ability to do 6v, but also loosing some ground due to the button. hope the helps out in some way, and thanks so much for watching everyone

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