eGo One, 1 vaporizer 2 inhaling styles

Discussion in 'Tank Systems' started by johnsoncook, Dec 30, 2014.

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    Oct 22, 2014
    I believe some of you have heard Joyetech is launching a giveaway event on FB...
    The device they give is the eGo one vaporizer...
    What impressive is its atomizer heads..(They said "One atomizer at 1ohm is intended for mouth inhalers who seek the sensation of taking a puff of an analog cigarette, and the other at 0.5 sub-ohm for those seeking an effortless loose draw for creating huge cloud production.")
    IMO, Joyetech is a smart enough manufacturer that they saw Aspire Nautilus and Atlantis merits, listened to customers' voice, and absorbed those merits and applied in one device. Such an innovative improvement is way more convient for our vaper fans.
    Check out Spinfuel video review, detailed info and pics below:


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