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    Oct 12, 2012

    http://www.405vaperz.com/ebaron-dripper-pro-by-leo/ 405 Vaperz seems to be one of the only places in the states selling the e-Barron. Mine came from Dimitris of the VapeTeam, so big thanks to him. Now then. The "correct" way to rebuild this atty is to use non resistance - to - resistance - to non resistance wire. So that the ONLY part of the coil getting power / heat, is the part touching the wick in the center. I don't have any non resistance wire, So I decided to give the PBusardo method a try, and had wonderful results. My coil ended up being 1.3ohms, which I decided to rock on my REO ( since the ebarron is bottom feeder friendly ) well it turns out that one 18650 is not quite enough power for 1.3ohms so unfortunately I had to transfer the eBarron back to my MonkeyBoxx and rock it at 4.5v in order to get a good vape. And man is it a good vape. Squonk the bottle, and it feeds the atty, The eBarron will gurgle for the first 2-3 drags, but that gurgle will go away. The performance is top notch, and using the PBusardo method, it's quite easy to re-build. I used 2.5mm silica wick and 29g Kanthal wire in this video, 4 wraps yeilded 1.3ohms, which like I said, needs a bit more than 3.7v to really get cooking. I like the draw, I like the size, I like the styling of it. I REALLY like that I can use it on my bottom feeding mods. The MONKEYBOXX LIVES! Thanks so much for watching everone http://www.grimmgreen.com/

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