Do you know difference between Fumytech Cyclon VT RDA & Cyclon RDA ?

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    Jun 11, 2015
    There is a new product: Fumytech Cyclon VT RDA: $22.99.
    Compare with $19.99Fumytech Cyclon RDA,We know they have many common ground,but do you know what's the difference between them ?

    First, let's look the common ground:

    1. The way to drop out the drip tip is tilting it, it’s more convenient comparing to pulling out straightly.
    2. You can add an drip tip , using the 510 Drip tip connector.
    3. The upper and lower rings are adjustable , you can choose more ways to adjust airflow.
    4. Fumytech exclusive prebuilt twisted wire , which can give a better experience in vaping.
    5. The diameter & plane of screw are larger ,which can be more convenient to rebuild.
    6. Larger space to accommodate more cotton and e-juice. Deep juice well, 9.3mm height,would allow to stock more e-juice.
    7. The upper airflow control outside ring is disassemble, which will alow you to clean it.

    The difference:
    Fumytech Cyclon VT RDA with velocity deck, but Cyclon RDA with RDA Base

    1 x Fumytech Cyclon VT atomizer
    1 x 510 Adaptor
    1 x Cotton Bacon 2
    1 x Screwdriver
    4 x Screw
    4 x Silicone ring
    4 x Staple full n80: Core-- iron-chrome, Wrapped-- Nichrome

    1 x Fumytech Cyclon
    1 x Cotton pad
    1 x “Φ2.5mm” Philips Screwdriver
    2 x “M3*P0.5” Philip's head screw
    4 x 0.4ohm Cyclon Wires (Pre-built twisted wires)
    4 x Silicone ring
    1 x 510 Drip tip connector

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