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    Okay here are some of my favourite blends all in one thread! I'll add to this as I get more e-liquid recipes.

    Bengali Ghost — Shade & Latakia

    Hey, I had to name it something.

    * .75ml Shade — I use 50/50 PG/VG
    * 5 drops FlavourArt Latakia
    * 2 drops MTS Vape Wizard

    This is a flavor for those who like smokey spicey tobacco flavors. Not a lot of TH, but very smooth.

    Blackberry Walnut Tobacco

    For 10ml at 12mg/ml, 11% flavoring
    3.33ml 36mg NIC
    3.57ml PG
    2ml VG
    20 drops Flavourart Virginia
    10 drops Flavourart Desert Ship
    5 drops LorAnns Black Walnut
    2 Drops Flavourart Blackberry

    Blueberry ‘Baccy

    This one is a must if you like sweet tobacco flavors and blueberry. Hope you enjoy.

    2ml PG
    1ml VG
    6 drops Lorann English Toffee
    6 Drops FA Cowboy
    1 Drop FA Bilberry
    10 drops Ethyl Maltol/PG solution

    I didn’t think I would actually like this one but I was surprised. It reminds me of a blueberry muffin with a hint of tobacco.

    “Canadian” Menthol

    4.5 mls PG based tobacco @ 24mg (Northern Vapour)
    1.5 mls VG
    20 drops Flavourart arctic menthol

    6.6 mls at 18 mgs

    ratio 75/25 PG/VG for base, then add the flavouring. Tastes a little lighter than Cameo but stronger than Craven Menthols. It has a decent throat hit, cool and refreshing with good vapour. I nice cool prolonged subtle finish like a menthol should, not a peppermint/candy taste.

    “Cowboy Blend” (Flavourart)

    Thought I’d post up a recipe which I’ve come up with which I thought works quite well. It is not a strong taste, but a dry cig like flavour rounded off with a bit of coconut. I mixed with 80PG/20VG.

    For 10mls (all Flavourart flavours)

    3 drops Perique Black (1%)
    3 drops Cowboy Blend (1%)
    9 drops Caramel (3%)
    6 drops Coconut (2%)
    3 drops MTS Vape Wizard (1%)

    Nic and base to make up 10ml.

    Cuban Cherry

    2mls at 24mg Cuban Cigar (Northern Vapor)
    1mls VG
    3 drops Fa black cherry
    2 drops Fa black currant

    The mix starts from a 65/35 PG/VG base, then the flavour is added. 3mls @16mg Cherry Cuban nice and subtle with a prolonged sweet cherry finished. A good TH and decent vapour. Flavour can be increased but maintain flavour ratio.

    DIY RY4

    This is for all you RY4 Fans!
    Use a 10ml bottle:

    3ml Seedman’s “Top Note” TOB506 Commercial Cigarette Flavor
    1ml LorAnn’s Caramel
    1ml LorAnn’s Bavarian Cream
    1 Dropper full of VG (LorAnn’s 1 ounce bottle screw on dropper)
    Fill the rest of the bottle with unflavored PG (nic level of your choice)

    Shake well!
    Vapes Yummy at 3.7, 5, and 6 volts, but loses some flavor at 6 volts.
    Extra VG would produce more vapor, but this is a delicate flavor and extra VG might wash out the taste.

    D’s Delight #5

    60% base w/nicotine
    30% Dekang Turkish Blend eliquid
    5% FlavourArt Maxboro Ultimate flavoring
    3% Perfumer’s Apprentice Cotton Candy flavoring
    2% FlavourArt Coconut flavoring
    – sucrose sweetener to taste*

    This looks like it would be very heavy on tobacco
    flavor but it’s not. It’s more in the same class as a sweet
    RY4. The taste when freshly-made is sweet
    coconut/tobacco. As it ages it takes on more of a light
    molasses and clover honey taste.

    *I used one drop of EZ-Sweetz (mega-sweet) per 6ml
    of recipe

    French Cherry Pipe

    2ml @ 24mg French Pipe (Vapables)
    2ml @ 18mg Black Cherry (Vapables)
    0.5ml @ 18mg Vanilla (Vapables)
    1,5ml VG

    Result 6ml @ 17.5mg Cherry Pipe,
    at a ratio of 75/25% PG/VG

    GasMasque (Really…it’s good!)

    This is for 5ml at 20% flavor:

    All flavors are TPA

    Caramel Candy – 45.5% (15 drops)
    Jamaican Rum – 24.2% (8 drops)
    Bavarian Creme – 15.2% (5 drops)
    Cinnamon – 9.1% (3 drops)
    Perique Black – 6% (2 drops)

    We added an optional 2 drops of Blackberry just for kicks.

    Green Tobapple

    200 µL Sweetner (FA)
    500 µL Ethyl Maltol (10% in ethanol)
    100 µL Nicotine (100 mg/mL in PG)
    2.0 mL Green Apple Flavor (FA)
    1.0 mL Tobacco Flavor (Liberty Flights Turk/USA blend)
    2.0 mL PG
    Dilute to 10 mL with VG

    Mild Cigar With Flavor Art Flavors

    To 5ml of flavourless liquid pre mixed to your desired strength, add the following:
    1 drop X F-Art Cocoa
    1 drop X F-Art Camel
    10 drops X F-Art Cuban
    2 drops X F-Art Dark Vapure
    1 drop X F-Art Oak
    1 drop X F-Art Vape Wizard
    1 drop X F-Art Magic Mask
    4 drops X Cigar Tobacco Extract (VG)
    1 drop X Stevia or Ethyl Maltol In PG (Helps With The Dryness of The Cuban)

    This is a flavourful brew that cooks on a joye or cisco LR 510
    Some might like less flavour, but I like bold tastes
    This will need to steep for a couple of days to really shine


    This is a sweet nutty flavor, But has a good tobacco taste also. Try it and let me know what you think.

    You can leave out the vape wizard if you dont have it. doesn’t really change the flavor.

    This is a 5ml mix so each % is one drop 24 total drops..just add pg/vg to top off the bottle.

    USA TURK 7% FA

    ~ ole timers tobacco~

    all flavour art

    Latakia 3 drops
    Dark Vapure 3 drops
    cowboy 3 drops
    hypnotic mist 2 drops

    * sometimes i add cherry to give it a pipe tobacco take

    RY4 only

    32% Dark Vapure
    32% Vanilla Classic
    32% Caramel
    4% Chocolate

    Win-Slim(Winston/Virginia Slim flavor)

    7% Virginia(FA)
    3% Cowboy Blend(FA)
    1% EM(dilluted in Pg-cotton candy at PA)
    1% Vape Wizard(F/A)
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    So glad someone is passing these on, always can use more recipes...thanks Saintjames!
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    Stickied. Thanks for sharing Saintjames!
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    I'm new to the whole vaping deal, but love it so far. Also interested in starting to make my own juices. What are some of your sources for base materials? I've found some but alway curious to other options.
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    Nice and great flavors all depends on our demand and need.
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    I didn't know we could get Seedmans flavours in Canada, will have to l00k for them
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    Naked E Liquid, I love the flavor, my supplier is always give me good price, so nice.:)

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