Dark Horse DRAMA, Tugboat Mod, New Things

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    Well hello everyone! Welcome to the VLOG for Thursday December 18th, 2014 Like I said in the video a little bit of privacy during this time would be greatly appreciated. But Like I also said in the video, it doesn't mean that much of anything is going to change. There will still be the Monday Double feature, and of course there will still be the Thursday VLOG videos. Additionally I apologize for the ambient bumps and noise, like I said. I'm still getting adjusted to my new surroundings :) Now then. We do have a whole bunch of stuff to cover this week including some beer and shoutouts, were also going to do some first impressions of the ProVari V3, the TugBoat MOD and the AIREK "Competition" RDA. As well as address a few issues from my previous Double Feature videos. There is also some Retro Vaping thrown in there for good measure. So tuck in, Grab your best vapes and enjoy the show! This program is also available on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure and Timestamps for all the segments will be listed below Soundcloud Link - https://soundcloud.com/grimmgreen/dark-horse-drama-tugboat-mod-new-things Top of the program is announcements Beer is at 3:10 Dark Horse / Review rant is at 10:20 Shout Outs are at 16:25 First impressions are at 23:06 Tugboat is first ProVari V3 is at 32:00 Airek RDA is at 38:43 Retro Vaping is at 43:42 Crucial Links are below —The Beer— http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/365/34590/?sort=topr&start=0 —TheVapor- Pro Vari V3 http://www.provape.com/provari-variable-voltage-ecig-s/36.htm# The Tugboat Mod http://www.flawlessvapeshop.com/product/tugboat-mod/ The Airek RDA http://vapenaked.com/product/airek-full-comp-rda/?age-verified=e047b1e1df HH357 Atomzier ( Retro vaping ) http://www.avidvaper.com/custom-hh-357-cisco-spec-hybrid-510-atomizer/ -The Other- @VapePorn on Instagram http://instagram.com/vapeporn

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