Can Puffing On An E-Cig Help?

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    Oct 22, 2012
    Man was not created to smoke. This is a dreadful habit that is too easy to start and then too grueling to give up. While the world may see this as a sign of growing up or maturing, the cases of lung cancer and heart ailments declare otherwise.
    Since it is hard to give up the harmful habit of smoking, here are reasons that might drive you to do so:
    First, it is one of the world’s worst habits: It is awfully bad to smoke simply because it is bad for your health. The habitual smoker may begin by suffering from shortness of breath which can develop into more serious illnesses, long-term. The smoker’s future becomes bleak because of this debilitating habit.
    You are literally burning away your money: Financial reason is a compelling reason to stop. Just calculate the amount of money that you are spending for a pack and multiply this by the number of times that you buy the pack for a month. Do you still need a figure to realize that you are actually throwing $3-10 each week?
    This is a messy habit: Imagine all of the cigarette butts and ash that need to be disposed each day. It is extra work on your part or an extra something that your loved one needs to do. And just picture an overflowing ashtray on your coffee table – it is not a pleasant sight to look at, is it?
    You tend to stink when you smoke: You do not just waste a big amount of money, you also tend to stink when you smoke. First, your breath becomes noticeably stinky and your teeth can also become stained.
    You will no longer appreciate the aroma and taste of food: While everyone else is enjoying the delectable taste of the food that is being served, the smoker just ends up eating a little all because his mouth still tastes of tobacco. Smokers also tend to apply a lot of condiments in order to put flavor to their food, hence, then end up putting more salt or pepper. This, of course, is very unhealthy.
    ‘Ever heard of E-Cigarettes?

    If you really want to kick the habit and start living a healthy lifestyle, then it is time to do something that will jumpstart your goal. One of the latest innovations in the cigarette industry is the e-cig. This is a device that you can use to finally let go of the harmful habit of smoking traditional cigarettes.
    There are many brands to choose from and what you need to do is to learn the basics so that you will know what to do with this new device. If you are clueless in using this, just imagine puffing on the real thing. The only difference is that this cigarette is now comprised of three parts – the rechargeable battery, the atomizer and the cartridge. Just learn how to recharge the battery and to use the other parts and you will surely enjoy using an e-cig.
    Now, you too can be as cool as Johnny Depp when he puffed into his e-cig in his film The Tourist!
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    Oct 30, 2012
    It's nice to have these health improvements to look forward to. I'm about 3 weeks in and noticing things are already better.
    My chest fells lighter, more open and my sense of smell has improved. Not having my wife complain about my smoke stink is the best, she was right I did smell.
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    Apr 11, 2014
    smoking is not a bad habit its an addiction a very bad and very hard to break addiction. i spent 8$ a day smoking been smoking for 36 years. couldnt imagine my life whitout it. yeah its sounds stupide but its my best friend. they been there when im upset, mad ,happy, on the fone, being with friends that smokes ect. thinking my world will be over if i quit smoking. going tru my garbage bin to find old top because i couldnt get to go to town until later that day and was running out of nicotine among other addictives they put in them. dumb dumb dumb. then i found e cigs. im glad i did. ok i still cheat some i had 1 smoke this morning got very dizzy but ecig realy helps me i tried nicorette hinalator it didnt work at all. i have to admit tho that i still crave some more nicotine even with 18mg of nicotine in e liquide but its helpfull because i wouldnt be able to do it whitout my e cig. yea well nicotine poisoning they say? if ecig where so dangerous because of there nicotine content i wouldnt go tru some whitdrawl would i ?and if i take a puff of the real cig i get very dizzy i have to sit down. if it was so dangerous i think we would ear of people dying from them no? i say to buy the e liquide from a reputable place but they all say its made in canada who to beleive tho. i have been talking my smoker friends about them a lot i think some of them will give it a try. thank you for this forum it helps a lot. :)

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