Buy $4.99 JOY ACME-L or $4.99 Smok VCT A1 ?

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    Jun 11, 2015

    $4.99 JOY ACME-L is remarkable and revolution of e-cigarette clearomizer. this atomizer is the first one use hidden airflow control, it allow more airflow go inside the atomizer, to provide the user best vapor experience.

    1.Not only offer huge vapor but also it can offer to you best taste.
    2.bottom full closure system design can completely solve the leakage problem.
    3.Top 180 degree vertical and turn back air induction system provides a perfect taste and huge cloud of vapor.
    4.Top airflow system design.
    5.Fastest oil intake system
    6.Stainless steel coil cover can keep the coil from high temperature.

    Smok VCT A1: $4.99


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