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    Apr 14, 2014
    intelligence change your choices : vaporizer
    I believe someone would like to get one bluetooth vaperizer:
    Bluetooth cigarette Functions:
    1 Can be used as a mobile to pick up incoming calls and play music by phone when it is connected by Bluetooth. The battery will vibrate to inform of an incoming call.
    2 Bluetooth vshare used as an audio/sound/stereo to play music while it is connected to a computer or other Bluetooth devices. Click buttons on the battery to make the next or last songs.
    3 Vshare can redial the last phone numbers on your latest connected person list.
    Coil resistance: 1.8-2.4ohms
    Working Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
    Screw thread: 510/all eGo

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