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    Jun 8, 2014

    eCigarettes Canada offers premium Electronic Cigarette Kits and Supplies (North American E-Liquid). We have been in business since 2008 and we pride ourselves on providing a solid product and offering incredible customer service.

    We are letting people know of our Rewards Points Program and Referral Program which offers exciting ways to get future discounts on our store.

    Reward Points Program - For every dollar spent on our store, customers will receive 1 Reward Point. For every 15 Reward Points saved up in your account, you can apply it to a future order to receive a 1.00 discount. Keep saving your reward points to fully pay for an order, or use your points as you wish to take a little off each order.

    Referral Program - Its quite simple, invite friends and family members to our site and earn reward points for each referral. Earn 150% in Reward Points back once your friend or family member makes their first purchase. For example, if they spend $100.00 on our store, you will receive 150 Reward Points ($10.00). You can then use those points to discount an order. Refer 10 people and you get $100.00 discount on our store. Heck you can pay for all of your electronic cigarette needs just by referring people.
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    how to contact you guys?

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