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    Aug 21, 2013
    First off Im not a spammer I just am so happy with this product I wanted to share it with other vapor newbies to save them some time and money. I was a 3/4 a pack a day smoker for 15 years. Ive now been smoke free for 5 weeks vaping with 24mg e juice! I started off with the Colibri Nano Limited edition. Nice size and weight to it but kinda weak vape and finnicky batteries. The case broke and the carts were good for maybe a couple refilles until the inside was damaged and poor taste. Maybe I got a bad kit but I returned it for a refund I then ordered a passthrough starter kit from Maple leaf vapes. Long shipping wait but well worth it, got some extra juice and a nice ego c passthrough which I still use occasionally but to be honest I wasnt blown away with the juices and the ego c is too big and clunky (I like something closer to a cig size but awesome vape for sure! I also have and Ecab and wow! awesome flavor outta that thing! I also still use it occasionally. I then purchased a couple erolls which I used LR atomizers for an extra kick. Good vape and Im very happy with them but I found the throat hit not to be very warm or smoth even with the LR atomizers and the flavor wasnt as great as the Ecab. To be honest I was a little worried about the ego products as they are all made in China even though I have read that they are a good company and Im pretty sure that all the juices I have ordered from even Canadian vendors although brewed here probably use ingredient shipped from somewhere else (most likely China) and probably not in a lab. Thats what turned me on to Halo because they claim their hardware is made in the US and their juice is produced in a lab in the US with US ingredients. After giving up smoking I didnt want to take a chance with my lungs as that defeats the whole purpose of quitting. I ordered thier G6 starter kit with their mini tanks and bland cartos and wow! Compared with the colibri the quality and performance is so obvious. I ordered both a manual and automatic small size battery and even though they are slightly bigger than an anolog they vape awesome! Such a smooth and satisfying throat hit and their juices are freakin unreal. My favorites are the longhorn and malibu menthol. I have ordered juice from about 5 different vendors and this juice is 1000 times better! It tastes so clean and fresh! I have only read positive reviews about their juice. I just feel so much more comfortable knowing what I am inhaling! Once you pop the mini tank on there... Bam! More flavor, vapor and throat hit! The best part is Ive refilled my cartos 7 times and the polyfill still looks new and no burnt taste!!! Same with the mini tanks. 1 week now with no burnt taste and spot on vaping. With the colibri as the battery died the vape died but with the G6 the its 3.6 volts are regulated so you get a good constant vape.i know everyone is different when it comes to vaping but for me at 45 dollars this is the best kit out there and it is made closeby which I like. I had no problems with customs (maybe lucky) and the customer service is TOP NOTCH. Totally blown away. This is now my everyday vape. If you are new to vaping and you are looking for an affordable and QUALITY kit I dont think you will be dissapointed. I am so happy I have found vaping as it is the only thing that continues to work for me. I have spent a lot of money on my new addiction but to me its worth it! anyways hello to everyone in the forum and sorry for the rambling but i hope it helps someone. I also wanted to add out of all the Canadian vendors I have used for hardware and juice VapingMike is way ahead of the rest when it comes to customer service, shipping speed and hes got some pretty good juice too (Buck 65 and William Wallace are pretty good) wish he carried Halo! ***sorry for the typos

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