Beacon Mech, Cannibal 26650, Pliny the Elder, Music and being Emo

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    Oct 12, 2012

    Hello everyone! and welcome to the VLOG / What's in the news Robin for Thursday July 24th 2014. Just back to my old lonesome self here in the VapeLair. all my vapey friends are gone and have left me here by myself. No matter time to press on and shoot some more vapey-tastic VLOG action. Got some cool stuff to talk about this week including some new mods that have arrived recently. The ModZombie Cannibal mod as well as the brand new Beacon mech mod from BeyondVape. There is a quick Aspire Nautilus mini update at the end of the video as well. Of course we talk about beer and music. Got some Pliny The Elder to drink tonight courtesy of @Shaver_brewreviews on Instagram. So tuck in, Grab your best vape, grab a beverage and enjoy the show! Timestamps for everything are below and this program is also available on SoundCloud here Top of the show is VaperconWest wrap up and thanks ShoutOuts are at 05:35 Beer talk (Pliny the elder) is at 11:00 First Impressions are at 18:18 Jam Attack is at 33:55 Music is at 46:20 Nautilus Mini update is at 54:32 After the credits I get a little beer buzz / emo on ya as well.. Aaron Ross - Vape Music compilation The Vapor Mod Zombie Cannibal Beyond Vape Beacon Misha's Vapercon West Photos The Beer Pliny the Elder The Music COG - nihilistau Nikki - Scale the summit Aaron Ross - Vape Music compilation Thanks so much for watching everyone!

    Via: Grimm Green's Youtube Channel

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