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    Apr 11, 2014
    ok now im afraid and getting dissapointed. i dont know what to do. i have 3 ego, 1 innokin vv3 and 1 cool fire. but these i found to big and the throat hit is way to much for me to handle plus when i go to town i want something discreet to carry in my small purse. so i just ordered a e cab from joyetech and a e roll kit now i just read something scary about plastic and vaping that its dangerous. the cartomiser if im not mistaken on the name the piece that you put in your mouth to vape is made of plastic. im so dissapointed now i will be afraid to use them and i didnt get them yet there on their way. you think companies like joyetech would be carefull ? i just dont know and i hope i misread all these.
    More on polycarbonate use in eCigs -
    this is the link i hope someone can go check them out not sure if i did the link ok ( computer and vape nub here)
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    Feb 8, 2015
    Hi Sue.

    I read the article you linked above, and I obviously don't know enough about what the different plastics are. One thing they did say is that PET plastic doesn't have the harmful qualities of other plastics. Hopefully, someone who knows more will chime in, but since nobody has yet, maybe I can at least help with some of the other issues. Personally, I didn't find the smaller ecigs produced enough vapor to satisfy me, so I've only really used a couple of them.

    I haven't used the Cool Fire or the VV3, so I can't comment on those directly, but a lot of the bigger mods produce a lot more vapor, and thus, provide more nicotine than do the smaller batteries, so if you're getting too much throat hit, you should first try the next level down in nicotine. PG also increases the throat hit, so it's worth trying some lower-PG juices. Most stores and brands will have their PC/VG ratio displayed.

    I think that as vaping gets more popular, most companies will try to use the best materials possible as stated in the article. After all, a lot of us are doing this to get rid of all the toxens in cigarettes, not just replace them with new ones.

    This is all strictly my uneducated opinion, but others will echo what I've said about the throat hit. Knowing how much it's already helped me in a short time makes me very glad I've switched, but everyone has their comfort level. I currently use three tanks, all made by Kanger and all glass and stainless steel combos, so I'm comfortable with my choices, but you'll have to do your research and find your comfort zone.

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    Mar 7, 2015
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    Hello Sue,
    The e-Roll kit I would not concern myself with, I have owned a few of them, they are made with the same material as most commercial e-juice bottles LDPE. Now, with that in mind, certain mixes of juice will etch, or eat away at them. I think the thing to note is that the older PC (polycarb) tanks, mostly filled and vaped at the top, and the drip tip was not PC but regular plastic and would melt at higher voltages when VV devices became popular. Since then the trend has been all bottom coil systems which allow the vapour to cool before hitting and regular plastic parts.

    Joyetech is a pioneer in this industry and would not use sub-par materials. I like their products, although the e-cab is a touch outdated, but none the less, a decent kit.

    As for too strong a throat hit, as mentioned above you could change your nic strength, but as well, the cool fire is a straight 8.5 watt device and needs a certain resistance coil to work correct, same with the vv3, its adjustable, but you need to have the adjustment to your personal taste, not always the suggested settings by the manufacturer.

    As more and more people look to vaping as an alternative to smoking, many studies will come out based on outdated tech and ultimately slam the industry, but, as a community, we are all knowledgeable and put forth more effort into research than the sceptics trying to keep us smoking.

    Sorry went a little of topic there. In all, any current offering from the big 4-5 companies (Joyetch, Kanger, Aspire, Innokin and Vision) I would not worry about much. They have too much to lose by putting out bad product as vapers are very quick to review and criticize poor quality manufacturers.

    All this is just my opinion, and experience over that last 2 years. Now, one thing to note, you have to watch what is in your juice, certain ingredients are known to have issues in non-metal or glass tanks, such as cinnamon, citrus, strong menthol and anise flavourings. I always recommend glass tanks to all my customers for that reason, then there is no worry.

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