A PBusardo Video - My Visit To Evolv - Part 1

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    A PBusardo Video - My Visit To Evolv - Part 1 In this 2-part video we get a behind the scenes look at Evolv, the makers of the DNA boards and the Kick. We meet and talk with the owners of the company, Brandon and John, we get a tour of their two facilities, and see some of the steps involved in making Evolv products. In Part 1 of the video, we introduce you to John, a wildly intelligent and interesting guy. John is the Chief Engineer at Evolv and Brandon's partner who is the President. We start an interview with the two and then tour the assembly facility in Ashtabula Ohio. In Part 2 of the video, we tour the impressive Akron Ohio facility, see Evolv boards being made, take a look at some of the automation Evolv is adding to their line, and finish up the interview with Brandon and John. I'd like to sincerely thank Brandon and John for this unique, behind the scenes look at Evolv and for allowing me to share it with all of you. My apologies for the audio quality during the interviews. Enjoy!

    Via: Phil Busardo's Youtube Channel

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