A PBusardo Video - A Fireside Chat With Zen Pt 1

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    Oct 24, 2012

    A PBusardo Video - A Fireside Chat With Zen Pt 1 WARNING - THESE TWO VIDEOS ARE LONG!! In this two part video I have a "Fireside" chat with Zen from the House Of Hybrids. We talk about vaping, his new ZNA, the DNA-30, and Zen-Coating among other things. We take a look at his new lounge and the upcoming ZFO or Zen Factory Outlet. We also get a behind the scenes look at his assembly area (quick) and prototyping/manufacturing facility (longer), which is contained in part 2. I didn't do a lot of editing here as I wanted to give you an idea of the man & mind behind the product which continues to impress me. I'm very appreciative he allowed me this look and I'm thrilled to bring it to you. Love him or not, I hope you find it interesting and enjoy the conversation and look at the facility. I hope you enjoy it!

    Via: Phil Busardo's Youtube Channel

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