A PBusardo Review - The Lotus Jellyfish

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    Oct 24, 2012

    A PBusardo Review/Video - The Lotus Jellyfish In this video we take a rather quick look at the Jellyfish. The perception on this device may be that it's a better device because of how "hard" it hits. I've seen comments that at 50 watts it feel like 100 watts. Usually when that happens a device is either tuned incorrectly or is horribly inaccurate. For those of you who own one, this video is not meant to offend, but rather offer the truth about what's happening and how it's happening. Note that if tuning was the only issue, it would have received a full review as the iStick did. What concerns me most about the device is it's limiting your settings to it's recommendations and considering that it's tuned for mean, it's potentially forcing people to vape at a much higher setting than they want or are used to. http://lotusecigs.com/ http://www.thehouseofvapor.com

    Via: Phil Busardo's Youtube Channel

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