A PBusardo Review - SX-Mini M-Class - Part 1

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    Oct 24, 2012

    A PBusardo Review & Contest Winner - SX-Mini M-Class - Part 1 In Part 1 we talk about temp control, some of me experiences with it, take a look at the SX-Mini M-Class top to bottom and compare it to the original, see the differences in the menu, and briefly discuss the numbers and signal for wattage mode. We then kick off looking at the device in temp mode with a discussion about Joules. Ahhhh the Joules!!! The links: http://www.varitube.com/ http://www.yihiecigar.com/ http://www.refugevapors.com/ http://www.horizone-cig.com/ http://www.freemaxecigarette.com/ http://www.szkanger.com/ http://www.aspirecig.com http://www.smoktech.com//

    Via: Phil Busardo's Youtube Channel

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