A PBusardo Review & Contest Winner - The Silo and Olympian Tanks, Vapor Flask V2 First Look, &...

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    Oct 24, 2012

    A PBusardo Review & Contest Winner - The Silo and Olympian Tanks & A First Look at the Vapor Flask V2 Lot's O Stuff we do in this video. 1) We talk about the upcoming ECC event. 2) I scold myself about how I put the hybrid adapter on in the last video. 3) We take a first look at the Vapor Flask V2. 4) We take a look at a couple new clearomizer tanks and do some serious side by side vaping with them and a couple others. 5) We give a should out to an e-liquid I've been enjoying. 6) We find out who won the Vapor Shark rDNA. http://ecc-expo.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Vaporflask http://www.beyondvape.com/ http://www.artisanvaporcompany.com/ https://www.longhornvapor.com/ http://www.cuttwood.com/ http://www.vaporshark.com/

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