A PBusardo Review & Contest - A lot of stuff! See description.

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    Oct 24, 2012

    In this video we take a look at some ProVari bling from TrevVapor, talk about my updated version of the Mister Silica Hybrid, my horribly bad vape night, we do two quick (for a reason) reviews on the Diablo Hybrid and the Sigelei #19 Mech, and top it all off with another "Name That Tune" contest! Phew!! http://www.trevvapor.de/ http://en.finnvape.com/ http://en.vjmods.mycashflow.fi/ http://diablomods.net/ http://www.sun-vapers.com/ http://www.vapesgonewild.com/ http://captivape.com/ http://www.jjvapes.com/

    Via: Phil Busardo's Youtube Channel

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