A battery performance as well as Sony VTC5A

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    Sony VTC5A performance better than VTC5 from many text reports, which is one of the best 18650 batteries. Here is a battery performance as well as Sony VTC5A From Mooch’s Test Reports.

    1.Rating compare:(Mooch’s ratings in parentheses):

    Tesiyi 40A=40A/2600mAh(25A/2500mAh)

    Sony VTC5A=35A/2500mAh(25A/2500mAh)

    It seems that both has the same rating.However, They are different batteries. Tesiyi also has their own factory and they are the manufacture. Mooch, a third party made more testing about batteries, said ”The Tesiyi 40A 2600mAh doesn’t match any other batteries I’ve tested so it certainly could come from their factory or at least one they contract with to do a run of cells.”

    2.The temperature at the continuous discharge.


    From the table above, Tesiyi T18650 will be cooler after discharging for the same time than Sony VTC5A. However, Sony is a popular brand and always improving their own performance so it attracted much more people’s eyes.

    3. Discharge curve compare: (From Mooch’s test reports)


    From this discharge curve, it seems that Tesiyi battery performance as well as Sony VTC5A. “It(Sony VTC5A)uns at a higher voltage than the Aspire 1800mAh, VTC4/5, 25R, and HD2C and runs for almost as long as the VTC5.” Mooch said.

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