75w Encom New Beast TC Mod Features DNA Chip

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    Sep 21, 2015
    Recently, Encom brand released its latest mod named as New Beast which features a 75w power output. Speaking of 75w output, you might won't miss the prominent DNA 75 chip. The chip supports dual 18650 batteries in parallel, assures vaper a longer battery life. Apart from batteries, it helps the power output stay stable, resistance reading precisely. Such a cool chip is placed inside of New Beast to pump power for the mod.

    It would make any sense if a mod does not feature a good grip feeling. And Encom pushed the grip feeling into a future level. They manufacture this mod with the help of German machine tools, which you can tell from its fine craving and excellent zircon sand painting. All these efforts is only for a extra fine and comfortable grip feeling. Plus its TC function, the New Beast is a new mod option we cannot resist chasing.


    LED display
    USB connector
    Output Power: 1W~75W
    Output Voltage: 0.2V-6V
    Minimum Resistance: 0.25ohm
    Minimum Resistance for TC: 0.15
    TC Range: 200F-600F

    To know more details, please visit here:

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