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    Oct 12, 2012

    At high demand the "MY FAVORITE VAPES" gets a much needed update The twitter that I mentioned for the EU ban can be found here https://twitter.com/LindaMcAvanMEP as well as the Facebook page set up to help fight the ban here https://www.facebook.com/SWOFcampaign Obviously the vaping experience is a highly subjective thing. I find that everyone enjoys something slightly different, and there is no "GOLD STANDARD" setup for the perfect vape. All mods, atomizers, cartomizers, juices and tanks will give a slightly different vape experience. Weather that is things like warmer vapor, or a stiffer draw, or a better battery life or higher voltage. These are the few vapes that I have been enjoying lately Dial-a-volt ( and the VaporZeus if it ever gets released) http://www.vapor4life.com/auto-dial-a-volt-ecigarette-kit Tesla with a Kruser one tank http://ivape.net/index.php/The-Tesla-Chrome.html https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kruser/154913201302928 Itaste SVD and the 801 fuzion in a cartomator tank http://www.vaporalley.com/Innokin-SVD-Kit_p_470.html https://www.ikenvape.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=801FUZELR20 http://www.vaperfexion.com/the-cartomator-ss-t316-stainless-steel-tank/ Electric Angel mod and the phoenix... not sure why I called it the Elegant Angel... i'm an idiot http://www.electricangel.fi/product/4/#.UWHkmpOyB8E http://www.discountvapers.com/phoenix-rebuildable-atomizer-clone/ I get all my wick and wire from OKCVapes.com as well VAMO and the MAGNO http://www.vaporalley.com/eGo-APV-V2-VAMO_p_425.html http://eshotsph.com/eshots-accessories-atomizers.html Trusty SilverBullet with a Kick and a Fatty http://altsmoke.com/starterkit/silverbulletusa.html http://www.okcvapes.com/the-fatty-by-chris-creations/ http://altsmoke.com/kick-by-evolv.html Juices from http://namberjuice.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ben-Jonsons-Awesome-Sauce/278409462259506 Thanks so much for watching everyone, and once again thank you SO SO much for all the birthday wishes. See you all at Vapebash :) http://www.grimmgreen.com http://www.vapebash.com

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