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    Oct 12, 2012

    Get ready for a LONG video , like 30min on the nose almost. It's the LavaGen Reactor from top to bottom, start to finish. Lot's of up close and building footage, which may or may not be helpful to anyone. The biggest epiphany I had while building this was to torch / oxidize the wick while it's flat, torch , juice burn, torch, juice burn. I'm not sure if that's the only reason this wick is wicking so well, but it's the only thing I did differently from my other builds. Over all the LavaGen is machined great, It's a bit tall, but it kind of has to be a bit tall. They give you a good platform to build a nice coil on here. Like I said in the video, If you have the option go for a tighter air flow hole. Then widen it out if you need to. You can always make it bigger, but making it smaller is pretty impossible. I dont think I said this in the video, but keep your assembled LavaGen as vertical as possible all the time. If you lay it down, it has the tendancy ( like most RBA tanks ) to leak juice out and flood the upper chamber, and possibly leak out of the top. So keep it upright. thanks so much for watching everyone! https://www.facebook.com/groups/505747099442900/?fref=ts https://www.grimmgreen.com

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