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Discussion in 'eCig Newbie' started by Creative, May 2, 2014.

  1. Creative

    Creative New Member Member

    May 2, 2014
    Okay so went 2 full work days without a anolog smoke. Today felt pretty spacey toward the end of the day so am now having a smoke. Hoping to get rid of them completely and will be back to the e smoke after a few now. How long does this last. Note though... the spaciness isn't as bad as when I quit smoking in the past. Any words of advice.. should I smoke the e cig more?
  2. sue

    sue New Member Member

    Apr 11, 2014
    i just hope someone will see this post as i need advice badly. i just dont know if i should vape anymore or not or just go back to my real smokes. i know its my decision but i will tell you why. i read in a few places that when using an e cig you should not inhale the e juice. what the hell here ??? im a smoker of course i will inhale. puting smoke in you mouth and blowing it out is not a smoker in my opinion.so they said to draw it in your mouth and blow it out. well for me its automatic it goes in my lung i just inhale it like a real smoke sometime big puff but then i cough so i take smaller puff. does any of you inhale it in the lungs or you just have it in the mouth and blow the vape out. and then theres this other thing i saw that some company put things like acetoin id like to know if theres a reliable trustworthy company out there that dont put these kind of junk in their e liquides. i have edema quite bad and when i vape for a day my edema gets way worst. i did stop vaping for a few days and the edema went down and then vaped again and i cant barely walk its so swolen. so i tought of trying a company with natural ( as much possible) ingredient with no acetoin in it. im so confused and broke now from trying different company. i realy want to give vape a chance but if i cant inhale it whats the point. :( helllppppppppp
  3. FerminIsakson

    FerminIsakson New Member Member

    Jun 5, 2014
    It is tough but you are on the right track..Just be strong and try vaping when you have strong smoking urge..I hope you will get success soon..

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